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Equine Proud Flesh Treatment

Equine Proud Flesh Treatment

Remove Excessive Tissue Granulation

Proud Flesh TreatmentEquine proud flesh forms rapidly on lower limbs if adequate prevention is not utilized. The horse on the left had a large area of proud flesh from a de-gloved leg injury. When the excessive tissue granulation got to this point, the owner purchased a single 6 oz. jar of Proud Flesh Wonder Salve. The salve was purchased in mid August. By the end of the year, using a single 6 0z. jar, the proud flesh was completely removed, and the hair over area, with barely a scar. Had the owner opted for surgical removal, the cost would have been high, and the results not nearly as good. Surgical removal of proud flesh usually leaves a bigger scar, and the results are not as nice.

Simply apply thin layer of salve with enclosed brush, apply non-stick telfa pad to keep solution on area vs. absorbing into cotton roll. Then, add cotton roll padding. Many people prefer to use diapers when possible, however, I believe cotton roll padding works best. It allows a snug wrap without too much constriction. After padding, apply vetwrap, then change every 2-3 days. It’s as simple as that. No sting, no burn. Horses seem to like having the salve applied on even the nastiest of injuries. Be sure to check our other case studies to see detailed before and after photos.

Proud Flesh Wonder Salve is uniquely balanced and works by dissolving proud flesh, contracting the area, and smoothing the area. It’s drying yet doesn’t crack, or burn. The skin stays smooth until the area contracts completely closed. Don’t miss the before and after photos for more detailed cases.

 The Best Proud Flesh Proud Product Available

Based on the photo above, the case studies, and customer reviews, there is no better solution for equine excessive tissue granulation than Proud Flesh Wonder Salve. Not only is it the best solution, it’s the more affordable than surgical removal. Surgical removal can run into hundreds of dollars, if not more. Catastrophic equine injuries have been healed from start to finish with Proud Flesh Wonder Salve. Excessive tissue granulation can be prevented, and/or removed with this product.







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I have used this product on several severe wounds with great success.

Lu Ann Groves

DVM, The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic

 Excessive Granulation On Lower Limbs & Flank Injury

Excessive Tissue Granulation

Show horse in Kentucky. Flawless results. Christine DeHart is the owner of this horse, and you can see her review of the Proud Flesh Wonder Salve by clicking here.

De-gloved Leg Injury On Horse

The mare cut her leg on wire. After two months of veterinary care, the excessive tissue granulation was out of control. The before and after photo shows the wound after 21 days using Proud Flesh Wonder Salve.

Excessive Tissue Granulation Horse
Blunt Force Trauma Injury

Filly kicked thru steel slats and hung leg. Proud flesh formed within days. Final result is flawless. Filly is sound.

Gate Latch Flank Injury

Colt was injured after running into open gate latch. No visible scar remains after hair regrew. Colt is sound. Proud Flesh Wonder Salve is endorsed by Alistair Lees, BVetMed MRCVS, veterinary surgeon at Shavehill Equine Clinic, UK.

Coronary Band & Foot Injury

This horse with a severe cut to the coronary band was treated by Dr.Lu Ann Groves DVM in New Brunfels, Texas. The total duration was just under six weeks. The owners were riding Joe again six weeks later, penning cattle on their ranch.


The salve was painted on area. The foot was then wrapped with telfa pad on area, a diaper for padding was added, and then Vetrap.


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