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Remove Proud Flesh

Proud Flesh & Wound Care For Horses

If you are looking for a solution for proud flesh, aka excessive tissue granulation, you have found the right place. You will be able to effectively eliminate proud flesh on your horse. PF Wonder Salve is for all types of skin disorders on livestock. Carefully review the case studies to see for yourself. Contact us if you have any questions. 100% money-back guarantee. This one-step solution is gentle, yet powerful. You are guaranteed to see outstanding results. Eliminate the need for surgical removal of proud flesh. Save time and money. Provide your horse with a solution that creates an ideal environment for the body to rapidly heal itself naturally. Safe, pH-neutral, and water-soluble. No alcohol, iodine, or caustic tissue-damaging ingredients are used.

What Is Proud Flesh

Proud Flesh is a term used to describe excessive tissue granulation on wounds and cuts. Lower limbs on horses heal twice as slow as other bodily areas, and are especially prone to proud flesh. Proud flesh can get out of control quickly and disfigure your horse to the point it’s value is greatly diminished. Proud flesh is unsightly, and it significantly lowers the animal’s athletic ability. A wound will not heal correctly with proud flesh because the skin will not cover it. Proud flesh greatly diminishes the value of your horse.

How To Get Rid Of Proud Flesh On Horses

Eliminate proud flesh! No sting, no burn formula is gentle, yet powerful. All natural, and non-toxic. Prevent the formation of proud flesh, and eliminate existing proud flesh.

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For Wire Cuts, Mud Fever, Saddle Sores, and Other Horse Injuries

One-step, quick, safe and effective solution. Ideal for nasty wire cuts, or degloved leg injuries. Used by equine veterinarians in the U.S., and Europe. Catastrophic injuries have been cleared with phenomenal speed; and little or no scarring.

Safe, Non-damaging Care For Horses

Unique formula is soothing and does not damage, itch or irritate tissue. Anti-inflammatory, and you will see the soothing results for yourself. Promotes original color hair growth. No white hairs! Depending on the severity, you can save hundreds of dollars, and the results are simply amazing.

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