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Cuts, Wounds & Proud Flesh On Horses

Ideal For All Types Of Cuts & Sores On Horses

Proud Flesh Treatment

Works great on proud flesh, and all types of cuts and wounds on horses. Naturally balanced. Save time and money.

First Aid For Horse Wound & Cuts

One step solution for wounds, wire cuts, saddle sores, scrapes & fungal issues.

Save Time & Money

See how to avoid surgical removal of excessive tissue granulation. Prevent proud flesh from forming in the first place. Or, remove existing proud flesh. Easy to use. Simply apply, and bandage.


  • For cuts, wounds, proud flesh, wire cuts, scrapes & more
  • Anti-irritating solution is pain-free. No sting, no itch.
  • Repels flies; water resistant to moisture such as dew
  • Water-based formula contains no oil
  • Easy to apply paste is painted on area
  • Solution works with, or without bandage
  • Safe & guaranteed
  • Gentle yet powerful
  • Contains no petroleum products

Warning! Graphic Photos


Many medications cause proud flesh, others will slow healing right down and when proud flesh is present scarring is inevitable. A T.B. yearling, Mush, gashed his side open in a freak accident with a gate latch. The stitching broke down within three days, and he was left with a gaping wound. There was a dilemma as to what to use. Then, after a short time the groom started to use a proud flesh salve. I did not see the horse for about 8 weeks and when I did I just could not believe how rapidly the area closed. My original prognosis for the wound to look anything like closing was December/January and in the healing, I was expecting to have to debride proud flesh. I am now using PF Wonder Salve on a horse with a serious wire injury to its pastern and heel. This horse has been treated for two months with little healing taking place. In a week of using the salve there is a noticeable improvement in the lessening of the proud flesh and the area looking a lot healthier. I am both surprised and impressed.

Alistair Lees, BVetMed MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon, Shavehill Equine Clinic

Picture Of Proud Flesh

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